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MYP Personal Project 2019-2020

Report requirements



These exemplars are from Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Darwin.

They are suggestions only for helping you with your project.

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See also the Global Context tab for more sample projects

Global Context Examples
Identity and relationships Examine the question: "Why does rap speak to me?"
Orientation in space and time Explore the development of rap as a style of music across continents
Personal and cultural expression Perform a rap song for peers and have a question and answer session
Scientific and technical innovation Design a 3D model of a solar device with instructions for construction
Orientation in space and time Investigate how, in history, different cultures have made use of energy for different needs
Globalisation and sustainability Debate Herve Kempf's ideas about "how the rich are destroying the Earth"

Sample goals

Make sure your goal is challenging and achievable. The goal does not have to mention a product. A challenging goal should provide inspiration for a number of different products that could be created in order to achieve the goal. 

Global Context Goal
Fairness and Development

To improve the life of financially disadvantaged teenage girls in a foreign country.

Personal and Cultural Expression To introduce people to personal expression through playing a musical instrument
Orientation in Space and Time To further build the knowledge of the holocaust to create a greater understanding of current war zones around the world
Identities and Relationships To raise awareness of muscular dystrophy in the wider community
Personal and Cultural Expression To convey emotions through music
Fairness and Development To encourage others to think of those less fortunate who suffer from alopecia and improve their quality of life
Identities and Relationships To improve the wellbeing of teenagers
Personal and Cultural Expression To explore a culture through learning a language
Personal and Cultural Expression To contribute to the aesthetics of a family home


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Sample topics of Inquiry